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I'm an independent app developer with a passion for creating innovative and user-friendly mobile apps. This website serves as a home to my portfolio, where you can view my latest projects.


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Why App Development?

It was during my time using various apps and playing mobile games that I realised how much I wanted to delve into app development. It seemed like every new screen or action was constantly bombarded with advertisements, and users never got anything in return. I found the interstitial ads between actions to be particularly frustrating. That's when I decided to create apps that actually rewarded users for their ad interactions, instead of just shoving them in their faces.

You still put ads in your apps?

In the app world, it seems like everyone's chasing the big bucks. But for me, I believe in earning just enough to keep my apps running smoothly without getting too greedy. That's why you'll find that any ads in my apps are designed to be unobtrusive, so they won't disrupt your experience or limit your usage. Plus, any full-screen ads will offer in-app rewards, making them more enjoyable. My goal is to create a more pleasant user experience for everyone.


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